I'm 27

Marlon Brando's 63
Heavens, so is Peggy Lee
Mary Martin's up in years
'n Perry Como, poor old dears
But me I'm 27
Just look at me, I'm 27
It's plain to see I'm 27
Over and over and over and over again

Katie Hepburn's getting on
Ossie Davis, Goldie Hawn
Shirley Temple (Mrs. Black)
Peter Falk, Roberta Flack
But moi, I must confesse
Regardez moi, la grande successe
Voila! ma foi! J'ai la jeunesse!
I've looked this way ev'ry day
Ever since I was 10

Age seems to be the rage
But I never fall for the latest fashion
Youth is my only truth
And I heed it's call
With my greatest passion

Johnny Carson, Deborah Kerr
Barbra Streisand, Ringo Starr
Sly Stallone and Miss Bacall
Alta Cockers one and all

Buddy Ebsen, Baby June
Alice Faye and Tommy Tune
Connie Francis, Ed Koch
Where's my waiter? Where's my scotch?
Yes, yes, yes, yes I'm 27
Y' don't have to guess (I'll tell you)
I'm 27
Even under duress
I'm 27

I've been accused of duplicitous tricks
Ever since nineteen hundred and six
I lie. I will alibi
And as time flies by
Often times I curse time
We must attempt to see
That occasionally people do reverse time

If you love vitality
Joie de vivre
Beaucoup d'esprit
Lena Horne is just like me
(Sad to say she's 33)
Other people, I am told
Wouldn't dream of growing old
Harold Holbrook's still on hold
Take a look, he'll knock you cold

So, hush my mouth, I do declare
Fix your face, transplant your hair
Lift it all cause I don't care
Cause I'm as old as Fred Astaire
And Fred he's 27
And Ginger said, "Fred's 27"
So there'll be no winding down to the final inning
I'm winding up 'cause I'm just beginning
But when we meet down there or somewhere in Heaven
Check me out closely
You'll see I'm still 27

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